A blend of two grape varieties
50 % Pinot Meunier - 50 % Chardonnay

5 ans de vieillissement minimum
750 ml

Tasting notes

This “cuvée” has a high effervescence with many trains of bubbles and a persistent “cordon”. Pale yellow in color with golden reflections, we find here a very complex nose. At firsrt, the floral notes dominate with the honeysuckle. Secondly, we can feel white fruit. Finally, everything evolves on dried flowers, spices and honey. The palate tends towards more gourmand notes of type acacia honey and juicy yellow fruit lightly roasted. It's a very soft mouth with a beautiful length.




Enjoy it as an aperitif to discover all the subtleties, which make it an exceptional “cuvée”. It’s an ideal bottle for a very exceptional day.